A new dawn begins…

And a reinvigorated journey along with it!

Ever since playing my first video games on systems like the Atari 520ST, Commodore VIC20 (and C64) and Spectrum ZX. One thing has amazed — how can it be that when I press this button, James Pond shoots a bubble!?

Fast forward 30ish years and the continued amazement has never ceased, there are always new and amazing games coming out! Here a some of the standout games for me from over the years -

Tetris — classic Gameboy!

Micromachines — 8 Player multiplayer on MegaDrive!

Quake (PC)— First FPS game I played over a LAN!

Civilization (PC)— Simply EPIC! The ancestor of all modern 4X games.

Command & Conquer Red Alert (PC) — While the original was awesome, this sequel was sensational (I also had some success in the Westwood ranking ladder at the time).

Goldeneye (N64) — Boy… when someone finally replaced Quake as a benchmark, they sure did it with some style!

Final Fantasy (PS) — I came late to the party with this franchise and the first I played was VIII, as such, this has always been my favorite FF game. Incredible graphics and story-telling!

The Last Of Us (PS) — The atmosphere packed into this game is simply unbelievable! Constant, edge of the seat gaming! I will have to get a PS5 purely to play the sequel to this!

Kerbal Space Program (PC) — Easily the most challenging game I have ever played — especially after modding it a bit to work in our solar system and with a more realistic and accurate physics system! #madewithunity

Mass Effect Trilogy (PC) — Saving the best for last. For me, the story and gameplay throughout this epic space saga are second to none! With a forth game to the series in production, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

The beginning of the end in Mass Effect from BioWare

There are so many more games that I could have listed here but I’ll leave it with that broad selection of my gaming tastes over the years.

With a desire to be able to create works of art akin to those listed above (and due to a need to stay at home during recent events), I started looking online at ways I could develop my basic existing knowledge with programming and turn that into an ability to make games.

With the mobile gaming market so enormous, my first stop was on The Complete Android Q Developer course on Udemy — using Android Studio and Java. While I did learn a lot from this course, I didn’t get the feeling that I could progress what I’d learned into a top quality game using this platform.

This is when I stumbled across Jonathan Weinberger’s Udemy course — The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019. Having already found KSP at this time and knowing it was made with Unity, I got very excited about learning how to make games on this platform. While working through this course and getting some valuable advice and support from GameDevHQ’s vast community through their Discord server (somewhere you will often find me trying to pass onto other’s, the same help that has come my way), I heard about GDHQ’s Pro courses — essentially a large extension of the courses on Udemy plus more (and access to the awesome Filebase assets)!

I signed up as soon as I could, looking towards getting my GDHQ developer certificate. I continued working through these courses, gaining incredible understanding of Unity and C# thanks to Jon’s teaching methods. Just as I was ready to jump into my certification project, another opportunity came across my path and (knowing I’d be able to continue with the certificate after) I signed up for GDHQ’s Virtual Reality Intensive Training Program.

A 4 week intensive course covering the use of the Oculus Integration Package to build games for the Oculus Quest 2. More on that another time. Okay, okay, here’s a cheeky little look.

Having completed the ITP, I could have jumped into the certification project but I have decided to join GDHQ’s Professional Unity Developer program. I will be working through all the courses again, from the beginning. Only this time, I’ll be documenting my progress through the courses as a series of ‘How to’ guides on some basic and more advanced concepts with Unity and C#.

I have the hope that this documentation process will serve as a reference guide for others that may follow a path into Unity development as well as becoming a reference for myself and a way to demonstrate my knowledge and abilities with Unity.

Shall we get started?…



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Les Street

Les Street


A UK based Unity Developer with a passion for gaming and coding